Vaccination mandate now! (anarchist perspective)

Hier kun je discussieren over Vaccination mandate now! (anarchist perspective).
It is known that the flowers of freedom also sprout on the fuel of selfishness. Anyone who does not want to be considerate of anything or anyone likes to bring up individual autonomy. This is a problem because it is not always easy to distinguish clearly between freedom lovers and selfish people. However, this distinction is simple. The pandemic eats up time, energy, patience, nerves, love, creativity. It is the greatest threat to our freedom. Defeating them clearly takes precedence over the right to ignorance or narcissism.

It is sad that we live in a society in which social behavior has to be imposed on some people. Far too many apparently need the whip of the authorities in order to behave in the interests of the common good. Just a few days ago, a vacationer returning from South Africa was interviewed by a television team at the airport. The quarantine due to the Omikron danger is only a recommendation, but not an obligation, so he will not adhere to it. This is how a subject speaks who only understands the language of the prohibitions, lockdowns, curfews and not an enlightened person who thinks about how to minimize the potential danger that he/she/they poses. This is how an amoral person speaks. Because ethics begins where the traffic signs end.

But since self-responsible ethics are obviously not understood by almost a third of the people, we have to protect ourselves in a kind of self-defense of society as a whole. If we were a free society in which everyone considers the self-development of their fellow human beings, we would not have to discuss compulsory vaccinations these days.

Completely agree. A lot of

Completely agree. A lot of anarchist here focus to much on freedom and completely forgot about responsibility and (self)organization.
The state has way more functions than repressions. A lot of people western anarchists ignoring it completely by putting everything in a black and white perspective. Of course the state is our enemy, but being against everything that comes from it is just childish behaviour.

waarom staat dit op indy?

Literally no one:

Anarchist on indymedia: Far too many apparently need the whip of the authorities in order to behave in the interests of the common good.

With comrades like this, who needs enemies?

no revolution without

no revolution without revolutionary subjects or revolutionary consciousness. Not getting the vaccine has nothing to do with anarchist mutual aid principles, neither does it have to do anything with solidarity. It has a lot to do with "comrades" systemic criticism that does not go beyond "hehe smash the state". Instead, we should focus on the systemic and material reasons that let something like the corona crisis happen and continue.

But of course you can choose to be an egoist and dont get the vaccine or wear the mask. But I would pose back the question at you:

With comrades like this, who needs enemies?

its great to be an

its great to be an anarcho-egoist, just like many before me.

You simply cannot say

You simply cannot say "anarchist perspectibe" and then argue for hierarchy and authoritarianism. This is the most obvious contradiction i have ever seen. You cannot be against hierarchy (for anarchy) and be in favor of hierarchy.

This is apart from whatever else you argue, which has some understandable points, although in the end it is flawed. (For instance, why is the virus the biggest threat to freedom? You do not explain this, and it does not make sense. Humanity has been and will be confronted with new diseases. If that ends freedom, well, then freedom is an impossibility. Obviously, of course, you can still live free in the presence of disease, because we have always lived in the presence of disease. Also, if the last pandemic shows anything - the spanish flu - , the virus will eventually pass.) But at least stop caliing yourself an anarchst.

Nu is het PLOTSELING " samen

Nu is het PLOTSELING " samen " van uit zakenlui die hun spaar centen moeten aanspreken . Met samen bedoelen die zakenlui dan steun van uit de overheid. Onder SAMEN verstonden die zakenlui kort geleden nog communisme. Het is wel heel erg zichtbaar hoe kapitalisme werkt nu en dat samen de oplossing is ipv. kapitalisme. Je kan ook je kans zien koop al die kwijnende horeca op en dan ja dan als de Covid mutaties wat naar de achtergrond zijn dan ga je CASHEN !. Ja natuurlijk met winst doorverkopen die troep en of wat onderbetaalde paupers als "personeel ". Maar ja wil je dat als doorgewinterde uitbuiter ? Personeel dat is maar ellende ze worden ziek klagen jatten. Kijk de schrijver haalt de menselijke aard er bij " Far too many apparently need the whip of the authorities in order to behave in the interests of the common good. " Daar komt natuurlijk commentaar op van zelf benoemde " anarchisten " die graag de menselijke aard geheel naar hun eigen visie invullen en dan reageren op agressieve wijze de ander niet sparend. Over menselijke aard gesproken. Ik las gister nog een boekje van Peter Singer over MARX. Marx heeft zich vergist volgens Singer. Waar bij ik de indruk krijg aangezien Singer dan Bakoenin citeert dat die Bakoenin wat meer 2021 is maar dat is mijn interpretatie. Hoe gaat het nu verder steeds minder midden klasse steeds grotere pauper klasse en kleine top laag van zeer rijken ? Nou er is nog een Bijstand uitkering in NL we ik ben zelf Bijstander kunnen nog naar de super. Lompen proletariaat ? Zo erg is de Prim*rk nou ook weer niet. Verelendung ach. Maar goed we zijn ik ben precair zeker zeker. Er hoeft weinig te gebeuren of ik ben ook dakloos. En ja ik heb zeer weinig te beslissen over mijn eigen leven. Maar toch. Morgen slaap ik weer uit. Die Marx en die Bakoenin lang geleden allemaal. Op wie ga ik stemmen protest stem gekke B gekke W of weer gekke SS ? Ik ga maar weer niet stemmen. Hoe wel ik stem op me zelf ! Dat laatste klinkt neit erg samen maar je weet de menselijke aard.

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