Vaccination mandate now! (anarchist perspective)

Opinie, gepost door: nn op 08/12/2021 12:10:38

In the left wing debate positions that are similar to those of far-right conspiracy theories are more widely spread then in the beginning of the pandemic. I even heard a similar rhetoric recently concerning the masks (and how the oppressive government imposes such evil muzzles on its subjects) in radical left circles.

It is known that the flowers of freedom also sprout on the fuel of selfishness. Anyone who does not want to be considerate of anything or anyone likes to bring up individual autonomy. This is a problem because it is not always easy to distinguish clearly between freedom lovers and selfish people. However, this distinction is simple. The pandemic eats up time, energy, patience, nerves, love, creativity. It is the greatest threat to our freedom. Defeating them clearly takes precedence over the right to ignorance or narcissism.

It is sad that we live in a society in which social behavior has to be imposed on some people. Far too many apparently need the whip of the authorities in order to behave in the interests of the common good. Just a few days ago, a vacationer returning from South Africa was interviewed by a television team at the airport. The quarantine due to the Omikron danger is only a recommendation, but not an obligation, so he will not adhere to it. This is how a subject speaks who only understands the language of the prohibitions, lockdowns, curfews and not an enlightened person who thinks about how to minimize the potential danger that he/she/they poses. This is how an amoral person speaks. Because ethics begins where the traffic signs end.

But since self-responsible ethics are obviously not understood by almost a third of the people, we have to protect ourselves in a kind of self-defense of society as a whole. If we were a free society in which everyone considers the self-development of their fellow human beings, we would not have to discuss compulsory vaccinations these days.

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