identity crisis in the squatting scene in Utrecht?

Hier kun je discussieren over identity crisis in the squatting scene in Utrecht?.
Who is publicly promoting a fascist or other totalitarian state system?
It may be obvious, but not everyone has the will or the courage to admit that communism is responsible for far greater crimes than fascism.
It is safe and fashionable to criticize fascism, while to speak ill of communism, a system to which all leftists all over the world sigh, takes courage.
It is interesting that behind the communist system there are only those who have never experienced it. Ask Eastern Europeans what they think of sickle and hammer.

If you think putin is a

If you think putin is a communist then you are also an idiot

did i say this? ;) relax

did i say this? ;) relax friend , but the fact is that Russia is the heir of the USRR

It is the neo-maoists, they

It is the neo-maoists, they are everywhere suddenly. Always a very small minority. Because of lack of coherent organisation and ideology on the side of the anarchists, they find a niche, probably. But why are we talking english here (my French is way better).

Is it suddenly really? And is

Is it suddenly really? And is a very small minority really? I already noticed some of these Marxist-Leninist and Maoist tendencies before the war in Ukraine. Actually, looking back, it could partly very well be a Russian propaganda campaign has effected this beforehand. Also, I think this is the same in some parts of the squatting scene now throughout multiple cities, also in Amsterdam. Also where there is overlap with Bij1. Some of the dumbest resurgence of superficial Marxism I have seen usually was coming from someone affiliated to Bij1. As some squatters obviously like to embrace potential support from Bij1 as local party, I think these tendencies won’t just disappear. There also are some “anarcho communists” that despite the “anarcho” part are still defending authoritarian communist ideas.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels.


The basic tenet of actual communism is that people work according to ability and receive according to need. This has never been tried on a scale exceeding a few thousand participants.

Shortly after the "collapse of socialism" two easteuropeans are sitting by the side of a road. One says: "you know what pisses me off? Everything our previous government said about communism and socialism was a lie". "well", says the other. "do you know what pisses ME off? Everything they told us about capitalism was TRUE! "

This fear of communism is

This fear of communism is truely interesting. Fascism is something else, and communism is also not interexchangable to a totalitarian state. That just closes off a whole lot of alternatives to capitalism. Bolshevism or Marxist-Leninism is a theory bound to lead to communism - but which never happened to be true. That can be critized. But that is not to throw away the whole idea of communism, which is a libertarian concept which the authoritarians claimed. You really have to get your politics straight. This really is high school level politics.

Second some seem to be very intimidated by this development. Maybe the upsurge not only of libertarian ideas has also something to do with the fact that many anarchists seem to have forgotten that their place is in society and not in some fringe niche. Something many socialists, communists and marxist-leninists still do know (even though they sometimes also use out-dated vocabulary).

See it as a challenge to become more socially relevant and maybe the race isn't lost. But then you also need to work on the level of your politics, because posting this kind of superficial things on some spray paint really isn't sexy.

Well, i think the "fear" of

Well, i think the "fear" of communism is for some just a skeptical position towards any kind of collectivism, towards any kind of ideology. Individualists still exist you know. To be honest, im kinda tired of being seen as a social enemy as soon as a skepticial position towards collectivism is taken. Really communism is just a theory, its just a word. Politics is just a game. Replies like the above and is just ego games, a desire to show that you know more, understand more, just bla bla bla.
Yes, I am intimidated by the development towards collectivism as a free individual. So what? Anarchist do not have "one place" in society, it is not to decide for anybody what there place is.
Also, it is very arrogant to think that because people are not part of some niche activist incrowd they do not have their place in society. Such arrogant blindness. Let's be honest, i'm pretty sure it's the other way around. I'm pretty sure most anarchists (and communists and activists) end up in that scene because they can not maintain a place in mainstream society. Come on, isnt this clear to everyone who is part of this scene and not an adolescent anymore? Anarchism in the Netherlands was once a real thing obviously, but it's been a sad joke for a long long time. Also, i'm sure there are more so called liberals who have actually read Marx and take the good parts of his analysis seriously (and other political theory) than the typical Indymedia visitor.

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