identity crisis in the squatting scene in Utrecht?

Opinie, gepost door: nn op 22/03/2022 03:06:56

In Utrecht, deep scattered grafiti appeared. Could it be a provocation or maybe just a result of Russia's fascination with what Putin is doing now. Perhaps the lack of knowledge about the history also has a big impact.

Who is publicly promoting a fascist or other totalitarian state system?
It may be obvious, but not everyone has the will or the courage to admit that communism is responsible for far greater crimes than fascism.
It is safe and fashionable to criticize fascism, while to speak ill of communism, a system to which all leftists all over the world sigh, takes courage.
It is interesting that behind the communist system there are only those who have never experienced it. Ask Eastern Europeans what they think of sickle and hammer.

Tags: ZSRR Utrecht antifa squatting

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