The Third Alternative: Solidarity with the Working Class and the Ukrainian / Russian Anarchists

Hier kun je discussieren over The Third Alternative: Solidarity with the Working Class and the Ukrainian / Russian Anarchists .
The Third Alternative: Solidarity with the Working Class and the Ukrainian / Russian Anarchists

On Thursday, March 3rd, at around 8 pm, in a solidarity action against the Russian / Ukrainian imperialist war, as a warning, a small firebomb with the basic equipment to build a destructive bomb was put in a backpack and placed at the Consulate General of the Russian Embassy in the Hague, the Netherlands. This was done in solidarity with the working class and the Ukrainian / Russian anarchists.

We preferred to do this instead of using a big bomb and destroying the consulate to save the lives and security of ordinary people as the only motivation as the consulate is located in the center of the Hague, which is one of the busiest places in the city. We demonstrated that we could destroy the consulate if we wanted to do so by moving several kilograms of raw materials to make IED bombs in a backpack and placing it inside the court of the Russian consulate in one of the most secure policed cities in the world. Our logistical and operational strength has also shown in our past activities, such as the past bombings of the Amsterdams and Khemret police stations, which the anarchist organization "Revolutionary Resistance" can ruthlessly attack the government's interest while not endangering the lives and security of ordinary people.

Following the operation, part of the Hague city center got surrounded and closed off for hours by police, and everything stopped moving. Anti-terrorist police and police bomb disposal forces also arrived at the Russian consulate.

Imperialist wars only lead to the sacrifice of ordinary people, as we have seen in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan (Baluchistan), Yemen, Albania, Syria (as well as Kurdistan), Palestine, and elsewhere in the world. The imperialism of Russia, the United States (and NATO), China, and other governments has only one result for us, the working-class people and the historically oppressed, which has been nothing more than death, displacement, and poverty. Instead of human rights and mutual aid, the capitalist war industry and economic terrorism have flourished. Russia's military invasion of Ukraine and other imperialist wars has always had only one loser, which is and always will be us, the ordinary people. We, the people, must abandon nationalist and sentimentalist thinking and create a third alternative to fight against both the corrupt regimes of Ukraine and Russia instead of drowning in one side of this imperialist war. Our third alternative, the people, must be class-international solidarity. The working class of Russia and Ukraine is also in pain. It does not matter which governments end this war with victory because if we are lucky and not killed, in the end, we are the working-class people who will remain workers and enslaved to capitalism.

Soldiers should know that if you are not killed in this imperial war, you will probably be killed in another imperial war, and even if you are not killed in the imperial war, you will undoubtedly be killed in our class war against your governments. Instead of participating in state terrorism, point your weapons at your governments because your governments are the first and closest cause of your death.

Today's situation is similar to the dangerous atmosphere before World War I in 1914. While many do not see the outbreak of a world war as currently possible, this catastrophe must be prevented. So anti-war activists worldwide must find themselves in the Third Alternative and occupy streets and not allow the imperialist governments of the East / West to impose such a catastrophe on the people of the world once again.

Anarchist organization "Revolutionary Resistance"

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. BS

Re: The Third Alternative: Solidarity with the Working Class and

You just made sure with your shitty backpack action that no one else can do anything anymore at the consulate, well done.

What do you want to do there?

What do you want to do there? And why would it be better than this action?

Re: The Third Alternative: Solidarity with the Working Class and

Please get some mental help as soon as possible.

It is clear to us (Real Anarchists who have been involved in activism since way before you were born)
that you suffer from Paranoid Schizophrenia.

You think everyone criticizing your infantile actions is a cop?

Think again. Please take your psychosis somewhere else. Indymedia is not a platform
where the mentally severely disturbed can vent their nonsense without criticism,
especially not after boasting about such an extremely stupid "action" that now a Police post has been
erected near the Consulate, making any appropriate action, protest or even a lovely paint job IMPOSSIBLE.

You are a bunch of utter morons.

Here is some info if you need (and you do), direct psychological assistance.

Best wishes,

The International League of Actual Activist Anarchists (ILAAA)

Another radical act and cops

Another radical act and cops commenting again! Not new for us.

Everyone be careful, cops

Everyone be careful, cops make comment under such a post for fishing info.

False flag operation:

You are Russian GRU assets.

Proof of this as well as your false flag operation at the Russian Consulate in The Hague will be made public
very soon.

Re: The Third Alternative: Solidarity with the Working Class and

Discussies over en met terroristen dienen niet gevoerd te worden.

Terroristen verdienen geen respect.

Link zou inderdaad verwijderd moeten worden aangezien Dritte Weg een Neonazibeweging is uit Duitsland.

Neonazis zijn even erg als Radicale Revolutionairen die menen dat in de 22e eeuw terrorisme nog een
nuttig en doeltreffend middel kan zijn om het grote publiek mee te krijgen in hun revolutionaire gedachten.

Zij zijn het schuim der aarde. Zij dienen in een dwangbuis afgevoerd te worden naar de dichtstbijzijnde
psychiatrische kliniek.

Terrorisme van links zowel als Terrorisme van rechts is maar één woord voor:


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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels.
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