Death to Euphemisms

Hier kun je discussieren over Death to Euphemisms .

I hope this will help you realise that you still have a lot to learn and a long way to go before you can show your comrades that you have changed. Euphanisms are for politicians and people that avoid responsibility for their cruel actions.

/ˈjuː.fə.mɪ.zəm/ us
a word or phrase used to avoid saying an unpleasant or offensive word:

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Probably many comrades in the Greek anarchist space are aware of my political activities, political positions and attitudes, something that has shaped my activity in the Greek anarchist space over 3 years. These political positions led to political clashes with some sections of the Greek anarchist space, and in fact created many individuals, political groups and positions to look very critical toward my political activity.
For the comrades who know, I admit that I raped individuals, I raped them. I admit that I raped people. I want comrades and these individuals/groups to know, that I understandood that I raped people and already made self-criticism and regret the past. If I looked at things then as I do today, I would certainly behave differently, especially towards these individuals whom I raped. I apologize to these individuals as well as other comrades. However, we all know that rape is part of learning. It is true that I did multiple rapes but let us accept that the Greek anarchist space from foot to head is full of rooted rapes. Instead of blaming me for everything and using me like a toilet paper to clean your hands, you should face your hands. What is not found in Greek anarchist movement or is found very rarely is self-criticism. In fact, this is one of the main reasons for the existence of rape and problems of Greek anarchist space, which is cultural. I am sure we will meet again, maybe in the prisons or the struggle, surely that time I will blame myself more then for not being able to fulfill my responsibilities as I should. Maybe if I could do the responsibilities that were given to me, my comrades would not be in such a difficult situation today, and I am also to blame for your hard life, and I accept that responsibility. In the past my irresponsibility, lying to my comrades telling them I did not rape people, dealt a heavy blow to the struggle. In some cases, it even sabotaged the struggle. Some of these things may be unforgivable, at least I can not forgive myself. Some comrades and political groups gave me everything, but I was not committed enough. It was selfish and my stupidity, I apologize for such behaviors. The life and especially the political life of a person who comes to the West at age of 18 after spending a year and a half in prison could be full of them raping people. I want the movement to see the rapes I did more deeply, than one person being targeted and blamed for the lack of political experience and lack of information about the political/cultural standards of west. It is a fact that in addition to many rapes I did in my political life, I have brought many achievements and struggles to the movement. I believe we shouldn’t ignore all these struggles and achievements just because of the rapes I did. Comrades, have you achieved all your political experience without raping people? Haven’t any of you raped people in your very youngest? I apologize to comrades that themselves and their struggles was hurt by me, I ask these comrades to forgive me. These rapes were based on not having enough political experience and not knowing enough about the political / cultural standards of the Greek anarchist movement. I am deeply sorry and I want them to know that I have learned from my rapes. This is the culture of bourgeois justice that only punish us, I ask the movement to instead of punishing me, create a process for me so I can show to my comrades that I have been learned and changed. I know some damage may be irreparable, but I still hope to be forgiven and show that I have changed in many ways. I want my comrades to judge me for who I am today, rather than a 20-year-old rapist. Forgiveness for rape does not mean irresponsibility for them, I am ready to take responsibility for raping people.

make more sense now what A.

make more sense now what A. was trying to say. Thanks for the Edit

Original comment on original

Original comment on original piece (of shit)

You really don't know when to just shut the fuck up do you? This tirade of bullshit isn't just embarrassing, it's disgusting. You are a rapist, with multiple additional sexual assault allegations. You knowingly covered this up on many occasions using deceit, threats and manipulation. Now that your absolute scumbaggery is public knowledge, your first action is to spew out this pathetic sob story to try and defend yourself? You repeatedly claim to be taking responsibility, yet you make every excuse you can to try and justify your actions and paint yourself as innocent.

Let's run through some of the finer points in this garbage:

"Although these issues have not yet been made public, I intend to take the initiative myself and address these issues publicly." - This is false. It is now widely known throughout the leftist scene in the Netherlands (as it is in several other countries) that you are a rapist. You did not make this post to be honest and transparent, it is clearly a last desperate attempt at salvaging your reputation.

"Patriarchy is a culture, we cannot change this culture only by removing people, but trying to change people..." - No, we can (and should) challenge patriarchal culture by having zero tolerance for rapists like yourself. Of course people can change and learn, but none of your actions to date have indicated that you will. It is safer for everyone that you are excluded.

"It is a patriarchal culture that always strongly denies these accusations, but I, as an anti-sexist, do not intend to." - Hold on... You, a literal rapist, are framing yourself as an anti-sexist because you aren't denying being a rapist anymore (after already being widely exposed), even though you spent the last year denying it? Incredible.

"Today I accept this very difficult responsibility and publish the accusations against myself." - Aww, I'm sure it must be so 'difficult' for you :(

"On April 2020, I was informed by some comrades that a [person Y] has been claimed that she was raped by me. In the beginning I denied such a accusation, and tried to find out more information. Even I tried to meet this with this [person Y] again, but unfortunately it never happened, so I never heard rape accusation from this [person Y] by myself (I have meet this [person Y], and in that time she just accused me for sexist behavior). About the rape accusation all I knew was the information that I got it from comrades around of me." - This whole section is just you carefully explaining the story as if you had no idea what was going on the whole time, and were merely uncovering vague 'accusations' against you. Your framing is obviously to give the general impression she might be lying without explicitly saying it.

"Although I was aware of a rape charge, I hid it from my comrades and did not tell them anything. That was a mistake, and I am ready to take responsibility for such a mistake." - No, hiding this was not a 'mistake', it was a carefully calculated series of choices you made intentionally to protect your reputation.

"... these comrades and individuals realized the truth of the existence of accusation against me... " - That's a very slippery way of saying 'realized I'm a rapist'...

"Intentionally I never intended to rape or sexually harass someone... " - Sorry, what!? You never *intended* to rape anyone!? You're seriously trying to imply you raped someone, but only by accident!? Get fucked.

"As taking responsibility and having self-punishment for the accusations and my mistakes, I completely leave the political movement... " - Just as you aren't taking responsibility, you also aren't 'leaving' the movement; you've been kicked out, it is different, stop lying.

"I hope the movement will give me a chance in future to be able to come back." - Ahahahaha no.

"The differences between cultures in west and Middle East are probably a part of the reasons that I have done many mistakes in my political life in west." - This is a terrible defense. I know a lot of people from the Middle East and none of them are rapists. Absolutely no excuse.

"I want the movement to see the problems more rooted and cultural, than one person being targeted and blamed for everything." - Yes, patriarchy is a systemic and cultural issue. No, you are still to blame for being a rapist. Stop trying to worm your way out of this.

"It is a fact that in addition to many mistakes in my political life, I have brought many achievements and struggles to the movement. I believe we shouldn't ignore all these struggles and achievements just because of the mistakes." - You're saying we should cut you some slack for being a rapist because you turned up to a few demos? Dickhead.

"... I don't intend to victimize myself... " - Oh really? You had me fooled. In fact, this paragraph is entirely you victimising yourself in a feeble attempt to garner sympathy. Yes you've had a shit time, yes fuck all governments... Anyway, how is this relevant to the fact you're a rapist?

"... I have been the victim of rape too, ones when I was 8 years old, and 3 times when I was a teenager." - I have also been raped. I know many people who have. This is not an excuse.

"As queer and non-binary person, I have been a victim of patriarchal culture as well." I am also queer, non-binary, and have been a victim of patriarchal culture. I know many people who have. This is not an excuse.

"Although I do not intend to link racism, being criminalized and discriminated directly to the accusations against myself, but it is a fact that I, as a non-white immigrant, have already been criminalized and discriminated by the states and white society. in fact from the beginning that I entered Europe I was seen as an repist, harasser, stealer and ect. Non-white immigrants are the most easy target to be accused, blamed and attacked for these cases. From my experience, the anarchist spaces in the west in general are very racist and full of privilege/bourgeoisie people. In white standards in Western political spaces, non-white comrades are greatly discriminated against. We are never enough for these white standards, and we are always on the sidelines. Even in cases of rape or sexual harassment, many white men are quickly acquitted, or their case is secretly investigated with their presence. Because they are white, and they have special powers and privileges in Western political movements." - Yes I agree. Racism is bad, systemic, and exists in leftist spaces. Meanwhile, you're still a rapist, and this is not an excuse.

"I have to say that when I was accused of rape in 2020, I wasn't invited to assembly, and no one allowed me to talk about what happened except three or four comrades, I was practically voicless." - Not enought sympathy for the poor voiceless rapists? Seriously? Also you were literally one of the most vocal people in the scene, shut the fuck up.

"... I cannot believe that the individuals and political groups with whom I had political and violent clashes did not use these accusations to attack me politically and to advance their political interests." - Oh I'm sure they did. Maybe you shouldn't have fucking done it then, yeah?

"For the comrades who know, I admit my mistakes in dealing with these people and groups, I made many mistakes, but we must not forget that they did not make less mistakes than I did. But I admit my political mistakes, but will they also admit their mistakes?" - Horrible false equivalence. Also you covered it up for a year. Also you still aren't really admitting it.

"However, we all know that mistakes are part of learning." - Holy shit, raping someone is not simply a 'mistake' on the path towards learning not to be a rapist!

"It is true that I made many mistakes and had problematic behaviors, but let us accept that the Greek anarchist space from feet to head is full of mistakes and is seriously problematic." - Lmao, you really arguing 'How can you hold me accountable for doing bad things when other bad things also happen?'

"Instead of blaming me for everything and using me like a toilet paper to clean your hands, face your dirty hands." - Omg, surely the irony of you telling everyone else to 'face their dirty hands' doesn't elude you, right? Nobody is blaming you for 'everything', you are being blamed for the rape that you did. Nobody else did the rape you did, because you did it, so you are to blame. Are you finding this too complicated?

"What is not found in Greek politics or is found very rarely is self-criticism." - Mirror. Look in it.

"Since I am leaving the political movement as a self-punishment... " - Stop, you were kicked out. Stop. Stop.

"... I cannot fulfill these responsibilities." - Good, fuck off.

"Probably some comrades who have personal connections with me will put doubt on the accusations and blame the victims, which already happened. I ask those comrades to prioritize the political issues than personal connections. This is the culture of liberalism that identify everything in personal connections, we are anarchists/leftists, so we need to sometimes forget the personal connections and just take stand according to the political things." - Once again, you're implying the accusations might be false, which they aren't. And yes, contemporary Western cultures are highly individualist, and liberalism does tend towards placing emphasis on individual actions rather than the structural characteristics of the system. None of this affects the fact you are a rapist, stop trying to distract from it.

Seriously this post is shameful, and stands as a testament to your despicable character. You are a rapist and a manipulator, and you are not welcome in the leftist scene. Goodbye.

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Deze aanvulling voldeed niet aan de spelregels. Duh? Snap je het zelf nog wel een beetje?

sorry ben je nou een

sorry ben je nou een homoseksueel aan het vergelijken met een verkrachter? je bent ziek in je hoofd.

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