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ongein in Warszawa

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krakers die andere krakers ontruimen? Op verzoek doorgestuurd

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Hi, im writing to you sadly with very bad new. We've been evicted from our home, the squat on petards at asWilcza 30 Str in Warsaw. But those who evicted us werent police or nazis - the people who attacked us were from neighboring squat, Przychodnia. The attack happened on 5.12, last Sunday. It was a final scene of a conflict and than situation of violence and abuse in Syrena. We (as a social collective and most of the members of hosing collective wanted one guy that tended to be aggressive and threw transphobic comments around to be out of house and another to be out of collective. I'm super tired and don't want to describe it now in details, but we have a statement where everything is explained. From my personal perspective: it was hell with 30 attackers, almost all male with the experience of taking part in militias, they've been throwing bricks, bottles, petards at us. I've seen how a stone crushed a helmet on one person helmet and I dont want to think what would happen if they didn;t wear it.
Here are all the links we collected, some in english

There are also statements of warsaw and belarusian ABC

I want to ask you to spread the message in your network, among every squattter you can reach. What happen was terrible and these people should be banned from squatting community. 12 activists lost their home and basic activist resource - although we stay strong as a group, as syrena collective out of a fucking building on Wilcza 30. The publicity of this case is most important to us.
The second thing is we now have a fundrising. To provide 12 people with a flat you need some money. and there aren't almost any friendly squat in Warsaw/Poland. We use this link for non polish accounts:

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