[Arnhem] Hardcore voor Solidarity Collectives!

Aankondiging, gepost door: Vrije Bond op 06/09/2022 09:09:17

Waar: Café Bosch, Apeldoornseweg 4a, Arnhem, Netherlands
Wanneer: 24/09/2022 - 20:00

Zaterdag 24 september, 20:00: Hardcore avond in Café Bosch, opbrengsten gaan naar Solidarity Collectives.
Saturday September 24th, Hardcore night at Café Bosch, Arnhem, proceeds go to Solidarity Collectives.

Crustenunie (https://crustenunie.bandcamp.com/releases)
Kronol (https://kronolpunk.bandcamp.com/releases)
Slapende Honden (https://slapendehonden.bandcamp.com/releases)

20:00 Café Bosch, Apeldoornseweg 4 Arnhem.

Over Solidarity Collectives:

Solidarity Collectives is een anti-autoritair vrijwilligersnetwerk dat
verschillende grassroots initiatieven verenigt. Het netwerk ondersteund
anarchisten en anti-autoritaire, grassroots- en vakbondsactivisten die
zich hebben aangesloten bij militaire eenheden in de strijd tegen de Russische invasie.

In het afgelopen halfjaar ondersteunde Solidarity Collectives tussen de
150 en 200 anti-autoritaire strijders, van wie velen zich in de
frontlinie bevinden, met uiteenlopende zaken als kleding,
eerste-hulpkits en auto's.

Ook ontvangen, vervoeren en verdelen zij regelmatig humanitaire
hulpgoederen zoals medicijnen, kleding, voedsel, slaapzakken en matjes,
gasbranders en elektrische apparatuur naar steden als Mykolajiv en
Chrakov en andere plaatsen waar de bevolking het hardst getroffen is.

Voor meer info, abonneer je je op hun Telegram kanaal:

About Solidarity Collectives:

Solidarity Collectives is an anti-authoritarian volunteer network that
unites various grassroots initiatives. The network supports anarchists
and anti-authoritarian, grassroots and trade union activists who have
joined (anarchist or anti-fascist) military units in the fight against
the Russian invasion.

In the past six months, Solidarity Collectives supported between 150 and
200 anti-authoritarian fighters, many of whom are on the front lines,
with items as diverse as socks, first aid kits, and cars.

They also regularly receive, transport and distribute humanitarian
supplies such as medicine, clothing, food, sleeping bags and mats, gas
burners and electrical equipment to places like Mykolayiv and Khrakov
and other places where the population has been hit hardest.

For more info, subscribe to their Telegram channel:

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Anti militar; Anti militar; Anti militar



As the Russian invasion of Ukraine continues, foreign students attempting to leave the country say they are experiencing racist treatment by Ukrainian security forces and border officials.

One African medical student told CNN that she and other foreigners were ordered off the public transit bus at a checkpoint between Ukraine and Poland border.

They were told to stand aside as the bus drove off with only Ukrainian nationals on board, she says.

Rachel Onyegbule, a Nigerian first-year medical student in Lviv was left stranded at the border town of Shehyni, some 400 miles from Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv.
screengrab afghan father to Damon

Shock and disbelief brings odd silence as women and children seek refuge in Poland

She told CNN: “More than 10 buses came and we were watching everyone leave. We thought after they took all the Ukrainians they would take us, but they told us we had to walk, that there were no more buses and told us to walk.”

“My body was numb from the cold and we haven’t slept in about 4 days now. Ukrainians have been prioritized over Africans – men and women – at every point. There’s no need for us to ask why. We know why. I just want to get home,” Onyegbule told CNN in a telephone call Sunday as she waited in line at the border to cross into Poland.

Onyegbule says she eventually got her exit document stamped on Monday morning around 4.30 a.m. local time.

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