Outing Johannes D.

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TRIGGERWARNING: This text is a callout about sexualised violence +++++

Johannes D. (also called "Jojo", "Hannes") is my ex-boyfriend. He has been for years active in the radical left scene. To tell you everything he has done to me would go beyond the possibilities of this text. This is the short version:

Source: https://de.indymedia.org/node/156448 and trusted comrades.

The relationship with him was marked by severe violence. He was psychologically as well as physically violent towards me. He did everything he could to socially isolate me. He raped me and threatened me to do so again if I refuse to have sex with him. After raping me he did not recognise any of my borders anymore and continuously inflicted sexualised violence upon me. Additionally, he threatened to kill himself if I break up with him because of the violence. He also threatened to engage in criminal activities that would bring him to prison in order to stop me from breaking up.

After the separation, he stalked me and aggressively threatened me, to keep quiet about the violence he did to me. He also threatened to kill a person close to me. Since our separation I fear that he will attempt to murder me. I really would not put it past him to kill.

He is a rapist who continuously shows behaviour of perpetrators, who is unpredictable and impulsive. He tries to undermine women by claiming, that they exaggerate, that they are triggered or only imagine the violence by him. He always twists facts in his favour and portrays himself as a victim when he is confronted by others about his violence towards women.

I demand, that no further unpaid perpetrator work is being done with him. This has been tried several times in the past years, with no results. He has since repeatedly inflicted sexualised violence. He tricks people into believing, that he is reflecting on his behaviour, that he is regretting it and learning from it. He is very good in manipulating people, so that they believe him and feel sorry for him. To reach that, he lies and also cries a lot. He claims to feel sorry about his male socialisation. He has been around in feminist circles and he knows how to behave and what to say to get away with his behaviour.

I wish, that he will forever be banned from all left spaces and that he gets no financial support for repression cost (lawyers, court).

I expect from his surroundings, that they do not just take the easy way now by claiming, that they did not know anything and potray Johannes as some sole perpetrator. I know, that some of you knew about the violent relationship. I blame you, that Johannes for so many years was able to get away with his mysogyny and violence towards me. Why did you never try to contact me? It would have been so easy.

How can you call yourself radical-left and then look away, when it comes to violence against FLINTAs, when it comes to perpetrators in your own circles? To be left has to mean to be feminist. It has to mean, to reflect yourself, to be sensitive towards each other, to know about consensus and power of definition and to talk with men about it. It means nothing, when you say your are a feminist but you look away when you see sexualised violence. It is a privilege to be able to look away. So start to listen up, when your comrades have issues in their relationship and get invoved in their "private life". Reflect on your rape culture and the way you protect perpetrators. What is your friendship based on? On what grounds do men such as Johannes have a good standing in the scene?

Johannes surrounding has to be accountable, has to take repsonibility. To be accountable does not mean, to pretend that "you did not know anything" and now, that it is far too late, break with him in order to not be associated with him. Taking responsibility means, that you reflect on your role in the whole, that you learn from your mistakes and you admit your failure.

Make sure, that Johannes never again becomes violent towards me or other FLINTAs!

We expect, that there are more FLINTAs who have experienced violence through Johannes. In case he was violent towards you, or in case you have questions or comments, you can get in touch with my support group. Contact email: unterstuetzungsgruppe1000@riseup.net (we have pgp, just ask).

From you, who are reading this callout, we expect the following:
- Spread this callout.
- In case you know about the whereabouts of the perpetrator, please inform us via email.
- Get informed and work on the topics of rape culture and sexualised violence in your life and your surrounding.
- Inform yourself about consensus & power of definition and stand up for it.
- Do not look away when you notice signs of sexualised violence, approach affected people and support them.

Personal Stats Johannes:

- Height: 1,96m

- Birthday: 09.06.1992

- Grew up in Franken (Bavaria), has lived in Nürnberg and Berlin. Has been a lot to Leipzig. Is currently in Warsaw.

- Has worked as security in Berlin and also on festivals, for example "Nation" and "Fusion"

- Appearence: see foto

To finish, some last words to Johannes: you have messed with the wrong person, remember that!


CW= This text is a callout about sexualised violence
please spread

As a group from Nuremberg we are calling out Johannes as well. 
We are the support group of another person that has experienced the violent behaviour of Johannes Domhöver (de.indymedia.org/node/156448).

Over the last years, Johannes has exercised sexualised violence and assaults against her.

It makes us sad to hear and read about the experiences of violence of our friends and comrades. We are shocked about the extent and quality of the acts of Johannes. But it also makes us angry; we are very mad at him and that he was able to use violence and assault over many years while he has been moving in different left contexts.

Until today Johannes shows no reflection about his actions that can be taken seriously.
Until today he denies his actions.
Until today there are rumours in the left scene about his actions that often question the perspective of the violated persons.

When will you finally start to believe the violated persons?
When will you finally stop protecting perpetrators?
How can it be that inside of left structures a perpetrator can move freely over many years and nobody wants to have noticed anything?

We believe that the perpetrator is accountable for his actions and behaviour, but we also believe that his social surroundings are responsible for the perpetrator. Taking accountability does not only start when violated persons start to speak out publicly and you distance yourselves from the perpetrator.
We expect that your reflections show consequences.

In solidarity with all violated persons we join the demands from the first callout (de.indymedia.org/node/156448).

We demand:
– Johannes has to be forever banned from all left structures and spaces – nationwide and international!
– no further unpaid perpetrator work should be done with him.
– that he gets no financial support for repression cost (lawyers, court).

We declare our solidarity with all FLINTA* that are harmed by patriarchal violence.

We expect that there are more FLINTA* who have experienced violence through Johannes. In case he was violent towards you or in case you have questions or comments, you can get in touch with the support group from the first callout. Contact email: unterstuetzungsgruppe1000@riseup.net (we have pgp, just ask).
We, as a support group from Nuremberg, can also be contacted via this E-Mail adress.

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