For the ones who never abducted a single baby: due criticism of AnarchaFeministGroupAmsterdam

Hier kun je discussieren over For the ones who never abducted a single baby: due criticism of AnarchaFeministGroupAmsterdam .
"For the ones who never abducted a single baby": due criticism of some people from AnarchaFeministGroupAmsterdam

Hi K (and other people from Anarcha-Feminist Group Amsterdam),

I write to you with the expectation that there will be a reply to this
email and that this email will be shared with the rest of the AFGA

Although it has been a week ago that you had to be called and it was
promised that the money from the AFGA fund (to pay for my squatting fine
and for my lawyer costs) would be transferred to me, I still haven't
received any money.

That's why I am sending (the 5th? 6th?) message to you, again, please
transfer this money (509 euros plus 154 euros). The deadline for me has
already passed.

Furthermore, since the experiences I've been having with 2 people from
this group cannot bear the daylight, in my opinion - and to tolerate it, that would
be the opposite of radical intersectional feminism,

I actually do plan to bring your behavior up, apart from the money.
Although I'm not going through the easiest time for me right now -
your responses to me have varied from regular dehumanizing and
retraumatizing to literally putting me directly in an unsafe situation -
it's clearly not just about myself.

Because I will not accept racism, rape apolgism, ableism, snitching,
attempted fraud, victim blaming and general dishonesty - nor do I
consider people a comrade who either parttake in this kind of behavior
or who chose to accept it.

I have been encouraged and reassured by another comrade with whom I've
thankfully felt safe enough to share the story. They were shocked,
literally had goosebumps and insisted I don't let this go.

Please bring up this email in your next meeting. AND SHARE THE ENTIRE

If A and K are not kicked out of AFGA - myself (F) will no
longer be a member. Because I cannot participate in a group in which my
basic rights are not ensured. But I will also inform the movement about
this, state my opinion, tell the story. So it's going to get out, either
way. But this email doesn't cover the actual events around rape
apologism (they are too grave and need to be discussed with trusted
people first).

Even if everybody choses to ignore me, I will not let this go.


* It's not just me, it's everyone who's ever been diagnosed or labeled
as a "confused person" (we're getting shot by the cops, btw - we're
being raped in psychiatric hospitals, we're being gaslighted about our
actual mental health, excluded from society, dehumanized and lied to)

* It's every non-white man who gets immediately viewed as a rapist (with
no reason or evidence) by "feminists" like you - watching you literally
tolerate white rapists and watching you continously defend and protect
the sexist behavior of other white men.

* It's every non-cisman who doesn't like feminism (whereas they should),
who doesn't find tools to liberate or emancipate themself in their mind,
because those tools always carry the face of fake society, fake
solidarity, of "feminists" like you.

* It's everybody who was once sexually abused by a non-white person and
doesn't dare to tell anyone because THEY KNOW THE RESPONSES WILL BE

* It's everybody who isn't in a heterosexual-passing relationship and
isn't cis, who has to make place for your supposedly
"anti-patriarchical" attitude, finding out that you're only against a
patriarch AS LONG AS HE'S NOT YOUR BOYFRIEND. As long as you can't
profit off of it, you hate the patriarchy.
But when it gets you places? Then people like me should just learn how
to shut up, shouldn't we? And if we refuse, you will try to have us

* It's everybody who was born as privileged as you BUT DOESN'T ACT LIKE
Because privilege is something to acknowledge, yes, but it's not
something to DESPERATELY CLING ONTO in despite of the fact that it's
unethical, actually.

* It's every climate activist who doesn't understand why they aren't
being taken seriously. Is it so anti-anarchist to refuse to stop using
electricity that comes from biomass? To refuse to be the co-executer of
the murder of the global south? To think: I start today, I will not wait
for something?
But apparently the fact that I tried to go "off grid" with our house,
that was just a sign to you,
wasn't it? I was going crazy, I was becoming e-x-t-r-e-m-e and needed to
be admitted into a
psychiatric hospital. You didn't even tell me those concerns, did you?
No, because the crisis services were already brought into my house
before I had any clue (together with my mother who isn't supposed to
know my address and I have
no idea how she got my address, and I told you before that she wasn't
allowed to know my address and I also told you why). The crisis services
admitted outloud that they came because "we are concerned that you've
been in contact with the police rather often lately".

Let that sink in.
So one of you, an "anarchafeminist", brought people in my own house
against my consent, who were planning to potentially violently take me
away to a ward and who were literally asked to do so, by the police.
When I told you, A , you needed to return the keys to the house
(where you hadn't been living for 2 months already because you were gone the
whole time), because I cannot live with somebody that puts me in such an
unsafe situation, you said:

"I will return them when I'm back in amsterdam" (you were on a holiday
again, apparently)

Once you returned you said "no, I never said that. I will not let you
kick me out of my own home".

about what you did on the phone (K was not in Amsterdam then), and the
fact that I told you to return the keys, K said "I respect your
decision". But apparently that was a lie also. Because when K came
back to Amsterdam, i found out that K supported A one hundred

"Well, I care about anybody's consent but what if you will abduct a
baby? Do you expect me to do nothing against you, if you, hypothetically, were to
abduct a baby? Because some people like you do abduct babies, actually"
- literal quote from K.

No, so people who have been the victim of this society and WHO HAVE
NEVER ABDUCTED BABIES, but who almost got abducted by you (taking me
away to a fucking ward) - are also not going to pay YOUR RENT now, are
they? After they had to immediately move out because you made them feel

Oh wait because you also tried to gaslight me about the rental contract,
didn't you. About ten emails and you still refused to pay. And you kept
lying about things you agreed upon earlier.
Finally that battle has been lost by you.
But now the rest of the money from the AFGA fund also still hasn't
reached me.

I expect an answer from you. Regardless of your answer, this email will
be shared on Indymedia either today or tomorrow.

With greetings oriented towards liberation,


For anyone who wants to contact me, feel free to send an email to


update : money has been received, no response from AFGA to the email

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