Dirty way to attack a radical anarchist organization is unacceptable

Hier kun je discussieren over Dirty way to attack a radical anarchist organization is unacceptable.
Why the original political statement by the anarchist organization for reconstruction of militant proletariat has been deleted and a new dirty post in order to attack them has been replaced?

Ohhhh noooooooo, that's

Ohhhh noooooooo, that's TERRIBLE.

Ever since the beginning the

Ever since the beginning the Militante Spicy Revolutionaire has stood side by side with those who fight for a better world.
No matter if they call themselves AOfRoMP or clowns. It is the same as playing in a punkband, the guitarplayer might be a arrogang manarchist but you still need some guitar riffs to make punk.

anarchist organization?

one iddiot!

This one

This one https://www.indymedia.nl/node/49271

Guess they looked the same, and one of them got removed from the list as a dupe.

What's up with indymedia?

I don't get it, my comments in support of you have not been posted either. Is it because I want to remain anonymous?

Same, It seems the rotten

Same, It seems the rotten majority try to censorship the AOFRoMP that is the radical group in the NL.

Ahahahah its all a

Ahahahah its all a CoNsPiRaCyYy to censor the great persecuted anarchist abtin parsa

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