Re: Tijdslijn ontwikkelingen kamp Osdorp


30.11 11.10: According to the municipality the eviction will take at least another 2,5 hours.

30-11 11.05: the first bus with 24 detainees is leaving for the johan huizingalaan.

30-11 10.24: Local television AT5 calls what is happening on the Notweg un-Dutch and inhuman. the people have chosen to be arrested one by one and put into foreign detention.

30-11 10.20: People are being brought to the alien police station on the Johan huizingalaan, which means they fall outside of the powers of the mayor and into the clutched of the aliens police.

30-11 10.15: Threats of foreign detention if people don't cooperate continue. Foreign detention can last up to 18 months.

30-11 10.10: People from the square are being taken forward one by one to have their fingerprints and picture taken.

30-11 10.00: Police has been forbidden by the mayor to make any statements. Negotiations ongoing.

30-11 09:50: According to municipality spokesperson Barto de Boer all protesters put into arrest vans are being taken to the police station.

30-11 09.45: About 70 men and 30 women are present on the square. Police threatens people with foreign detention if they don't cooperate. People are becoming scared, they are cold and hungry.

30-11 09:40: undocumented people state that they do not wish to leave.

30-11 09.35: unclear whether undocumented people are getting into the buses. Police threatens to arrest them. Also unclear whether they will be put out onto the street, or into foreign detention. Once they have been arrested, the mayor no longer has any say in what happens to them, it will be up to the police.

30-11 09.25: Buses are stopped by protesters, mounted police charges

30-11 09.24: Buses from the agency of correctional facilities have arrived, probably for the undocumented people.

30-11 08.50: All protesters are now outside of the gate chanting slogans. In the mean time, the police are on the square evicting teh undocumented people.

30-11 08:45: All protesters in front of the gate are gone. The police is now going towards the undocumented people on the square.

30-11 08.35: A number of units of military police are in the neighbourhood, the arrest team is watching, and everyone is surrounded by a squad and mounted police.

30-11 08.28: Not everyone is being arrested, they are being placed outside of the gate.

30-11 08.27: Arrest team of plain clothes policemen is watching.

30-11 08.26: First people pulled out of the chain and arrested.

30-11 08.25: A lot of slogans being shouted. three policemen have made it their new hobby to pull at the human chain.

30-11 08.20: More and more police arriving.

30-11 08.15: Local tv station At5 opens live stream

30-11 08.10: First photos coming in

30-11. 08.05: Apparently Police is discussing 'at high levels' because they do not know what to do with the situation.

30-11 08.03: Action camp and protesters completely surrounded by police.

30-11. 08.02: People from the neighborhood join the protest. Mounted police charges into the group.

30-11 08.01: A lot of mounted and regular police, pulling at people.

30-11 08.00: More than a hundred people have formed a human chain in front of the protest camp.

30-11 08.00: Police sends people from the neighborhood away. About 80 people have formed a human chain in front of the entrance and have a banner, another 100 are reported to be inside. The police is unable to move the group away from the gate, not even using mounted police.

30-11 06.15: Cars are being moved, the street is being closed off, press allow themselves to be sent off to the side.

30- 11 05.30: More and more people arriving to show solidarity with the refugees if there is an eviction. All is quiet, the camp is still accessible.

30-11 05.00: There is a report of activity around the military police barracks on the Henk Sneevliet/Alleta Jacobs, but no buses have left there yet.

29-11 23.55: Photos from ASKV, 'When night falls':

29-11 22.20: We just received word that the surrounding area of the Notweg will be closed off by police as of 5 am tomorrow.

29-11 21.55: "Statement from AFA Amsterdam after threats from [extreme rightwing nationalist group] Voorpost": We have decided to ignore the threats as much as possible, but we would like to make this statement.

29-11 20:00: We just received a letter of solidarity from the camp in Berlin:

29-11 18.17: As expected, van der Laan and his buses have returned home.

29-11 18.12: Message from the Notweg: "There is no way we're going with van der Laan".

29-11 18.10: Confirmation that van der Laan is coming to the Notweg with buses to make another offer of shelter to everyone in the camp.

29-11 18:05: Ventriloquists dummy Barto de Boer (head governance spokesperson for the municipality) admits that a five week solution is not a solution, but that it's enough. ("You have been seen and heard")

29-11 18.00: Update from the Notweg: "The atmosphere is good, people are slowly arriving. People are making music and singing. The refugees are very happy that there are a lot of Dutch people there, too. We have not heard that van der Laan is on the way."

29-11 17.45: According to journalist Jeroen de Jager mayor van der Laan is on his way to the Notweg.

29-11 14.05: Asylum seekers refuse to leave tent camp amsterdam after all (NRC newspaper)

29-11 13.35 Stories are circulating saying that the press has been told by police to keep away from the Notweg, and that they cannot cover the news on location. Even more reason to come and do our own news reporting.

29-11 13.30 Just received a call from the camp that a large group of mostly Somalis who accepted Mayor van der Laan's 'offer' of shelter for a month has refused after all and is returning to the camp. Despite the reports from the press and the municipality, they will not be silenced with a few nights in a homeless shelter. We are human, we need human rights.

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