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Why would you repeat a

Why would you repeat a reactionary point that they are not students? They clearly state "We are also students inside of the black bloc.".

If you are old guard you also know that critique on violent actions is of all times. Remember French and Italian black bloc burning cars in Hamburg during the G20 summit in 2017? The arsons at private homes of owners of animal testing facilities? The broken windows in 1999 during WTO riots in Seattle? Even in the squatting scene in the 80ties there was always a polemic between peaceful resistance and often a younger generation with more radical ideas. In the heat of the moment and fueled by a conservative and liberal media backlash an angry response to unnecessary nihilist violent actions is understandable and maybe justified. Smashing these screens while other people are filming, doesn't seem to be smart optics or fulfill any goal. It seems to alienate a lot of the moderate protesters from the movement. Diversity of tactics is a great principle, but if you take violent action there is very thin line though between what serves your cause or what harms the movement. Violence for violence's sake is a trap, especially if fueled by toxic masculinity. That said if we look back in a few years to the smashed screens at UVA in 2024 we might laugh about it or even celebrate it? Especially if a far right Wilders government turned the Netherlands further into dystopian fascist police hellstate and the Gaza strip is colonized by Israeli settlers. You can even ask yourself, like I do, should we have fought the kraakverbod even harder? Should we have taken more violent direct actions against the pvv?

By the way fuck the right wing outrage. Where was their anger when Zionists violently attacked the Palestina march on Saturday? Where is their outrage on the police violence at the UVA protests? Where was BBB outrage during the farmer's protests? We all know their outrage is only cosmetic. Look at their social media and you know they encourage the police violence. They hail the Israeli settlers stopping aid to Gaza. They support the genocide. They support the border violence.


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