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Err no, obviously that is

Err no, obviously that is not my definition. If i were to define it I would say anarchists strive for a society without rulers. This is what the word anarchy means, from greek anti (without) and arche / archontes (rule, rulers).

Being against the state is not the only part of that, but obviously you cannot be an anarchist without being against the state. Anarchists also generally consider the state as the enabler and protrector of exploitation and exploiters. Destroying the state thereby means destroying capitalism, and vice versa.

Anarchists are more radical than libertarians, as libertarians (left and right) are generally ok with the existance of a state (though they want it to be small, have little influence, etc). Anarchists, by definition, want to see the abolishing of all states, big or small, whether run by leftists or rightists. Consider two main slogans used by anarchists at protests in the netherlands:
- fire and flames for every state! (vuur en vlammen voor elke staat)
- no bosses or politicians, but selfmanagement and anarchy (geen bazen of politici, maar zelfbestuur en anarchie=


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