Austria, its "Schwurbler". "Querdenker" and Querfronts

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The swindler Manuel Mittas

For years, Manuel Cornelius Mittas has been taking action on Youtube, where he has developed a small fan base and has also been involved in some projects outside of his videos.

Manuel Mittas describes himself as a "journalist" and analyst of conspiracy theories.
In his videos, which range in length from a few minutes to three hours, he spent the first years of his career talking primarily about reptoids, UFOs and aliens, in whose existence he believes.
Later he became aware of the Natascha Kampusch criminal case, so Mittas claimed that he possessed all the files that existed on the investigation. As >>proof<< he likes to bring out a few pictures of a Skype sequence in which one can read that a well-known journalist, who has died in the meantime, offered Mittas to look at the Kampusch files that were allegedly in his possession.
It is not possible for Mittas to show the file material himself. Moreover, he only spreads information about the case that was already in the media years ago.
In the course of his >>investigations<< he claims to have found out that Kampusch's mother was a dominatrix and had sold her daughter to paedophiles. Of course, he was not able to show evidence, which is why he was prosecuted, both civilly and criminally.
Despite the legal consequences, Mittas continues to make fun of Natascha Kampusch.
The contact to the journalists mentioned came about because his stepfather, a well-known musician, got him jobs at various TV stations. However, since Mittas had no idea about the subject, got into arguments with his co-workers and his psychological problems got out of hand, he was quickly dumped. Later he said that he had quit his job at the >>mainstream media<< for reasons of conscience.
While the legal battle between Kampusch and Mittas was still going on, Mittas was the victim of a robbery in which his nose was broken. First Mittas whined that he had been the victim of >>foreigner crime<<, later he turned it into a story that the >>Kampusch clan<< had sent a hired thug after him.

Mittas has been in treatment for severe drug problems for many years, he is also mentally ill, testimony to this illness are videos like this one
where he tells us that he was abducted by strange forces. He deletes most of these videos after a short time (like this one, which could be saved), in which he talks about reptoids who touched him indecently and the like.
Because of his state of mind, he was often granted leniency by journalists and activists from the antifascist spectrum.
But that leniency has now run out.
Mittas has harmful and criminal tendencies. He has four previous convictions
In addition, there were further proceedings, which were, however, discontinued due to his mental condition at the time. In a state of incapacity, he has committed offences such as assault, causing public nuisance, stalking and damage to property.

making up stories or taking what has already been published elsewhere and presenting it as his own work, he is quite successful with it in his Schwurbler filter bubble.
After Mittas left behind the topics of reptoids and ufos and later the topic of Kampusch and child trafficking, the work began that is of concern to us.
Mittas joined the Qanon scene and later the Corona denial scene. In doing so, he manages to bring together different protagonists who actually have nothing to do with each other. Exemplary here are his contacts in the milieu of right-wing extremists (BZÖ) and neo-Nazis (Küssler), whom he skilfully entangled with the >>Querdenker<< (and vice versa).
Overall, that is the only thing that makes him really dangerous. His slandering and stalking actions are certainly very bad for individuals, but not a threat to society.
Due to his erratic and often irrational behaviour, he seems original to some, someone who is not taken seriously, perhaps that is exactly what makes him able to move in different scenes, thinking >>you can't take him seriously anyway<<.
He came into serious focus when he publicly tore up an LGBT+* flag and shouted "you (queer people) are paedophiles and therefore not part of our society".
He later claimed that the heart symbol on the flag looked similar to a symbol used by paedophiles as an identification sign, according to an article in an American magazine. He was successful in court.
At later >>Querdenker<< events, he attracted attention with his aggressive and unpredictable behaviour. Among other things, he unsuccessfully tried to challenge a journalist and a cameraman to a fight.
At the moment, he is planning to have a boxing match with another Youtuber to settle disagreements.
His propensity for physical violence is court-appointed.
Later, videos were published of him partying with the well-known Holocaust denier and neo-Nazi Gottfried Küssel, during which he made statements that could be interpreted as if political demands should be enforced by violence.
It is not known whether Mittas is currently in therapy, as he has already been compulsorily committed twice. Most recently, Mittas had triggered a police operation with a softair weapon that looked confusingly similar to a real machine pistol.
Even before that, he posed in fantasy uniforms and made strange statements, saying he was the commander of an unspecified group.
He also recently exposed his genitals in front of the cameras. 1st minute 10 seconds (intimate area censored)
We therefore go into more detail about Mitta's failures in order to show what dangerous people are on the move among the Qanon and cross-thinkers.
What could happen if he got hold of a real gun? The gun laws in Austria are very liberal, even Mittas could easily arm himself.
If you meet Manuel Mittas, be careful and act prudently.
Today was just the first part. Next time we will take a look at activists from Germany and Netherlands who are active in Austria.

Austria's conspiracy theorist scene is one of the proportionally strongest in Europe. Initially ridiculed, it is now in danger of spilling over into the violent.
Cross fronts of right-wing extremists, neo-Nazis, Reichsbürger, esoterics, busybodies, disaffected journeymen and the mentally disturbed are not just an annoyance. They are dangerous.
In Germany, there have already been fatalities caused by Reichsbürger and Corona deniers, and a similar development is on the horizon in Austria. That is why it is now time to name the dangerous people publicly.
This year we want to start introducing the individual figures one by one.
We will start with the marginal figures and work our way up to the big players.

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