Black purple block Baas in eigen buik demo

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Wanneer: 07/05/2022 - 16:17

Earlier we endorsed and shared a call out for the demo this Saturday in solidarity with the people in the so called United State who will be denied acces to save abortions. It has now been brought to our attention that politicians from Groen Links and D66 will be giving speeches during this protest.

Acces to abortion can not be seen as a stand alone issue. Our fight to have autonomy over our bodies, our fight for reproductive rights is something that is under constant threat and attack by this neoliberal, racist, capitalist system.Political parties, a court, or a government should be in no position to decide over our bodies and reproductive choices. We seek to destroy the system that allows this, instead of validating its authority by platforming political parties like GroenLinks and D66. Abortion was not something that was given to us by the goodwill of politicians, it was fought for. Radical feminist direct action group Dolle Mina, whose slogan (baas in eigen buik) this protest has co-opted, understood that the fight for reproductive rights is one that requires direct action and self organisation, that it is a fight against systemic oppression, not a one-off issue.

We support wandelclubs call out for a radical intersectional feminist block. Let's show up in black and purple and make clear that when autonomy over our bodies is under threat (whether this is because of austerity policies, racist police or threats to abortion rights ) we fight back.

By any means necessary

my body my choice

Burn the supreme court

Burn the genocidal occupying US state

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