History is tales of abandonment.

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History is the narrative of those who have been deceived, left to themselves.

Breaking down a word is part of the policy.
Especially the contemporary one.
Treaties and pacts are perfectly combined in terms of peace.
It doesn't matter the EU or NATO.
The West is not simply cynical or immoral. He is consistent. Since then, capitalism has settled in Europe, the West has its god. This god is money. The West calculates. The West must have an interest. He obeys the laws he set himself. A civilization based on money. And the law is useful as long as you don't have to die for Warsaw. But saving Jews was not a strategic goal in that war. It was not so they could die.
The West is pragmatic.

Saving Ukraine is not the West's strategic goal in this war.
The goal of the West is to live comfortably and get rich if possible.
The goal of the West is the "Western way of life" and it can only be cultivated if it gets rid of those who need help, because the cost of this help threatens the "Western way of life".

And honor? Only those who are written to defeat can afford honor. As it was written by those from the insurgent Warsaw after it was decided that Poland would no longer be free.

Now the West will behave consistently in its meanness once again. Europe will leave Ukraine alone. She already left.
And in some time he will leave Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland ...
The West will not be killed for Warsaw, Vilnius, Ryge, and Tallin.

That is why Hitler and Auschwitz were possible then, and now there is Wladimir Putin.

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