*It's a Prison*

Opinie, gepost door: Abtin Parsa op 16/01/2022 01:03:38

*It is a prison*

From a few weeks ago, a group of undercover cops have been created a social cage for me; my home, work and in general personal/social life are under watch by undercover cops.

Due to my political decision to leave the political movement, I intended to not publish a political statement, but the continuation of these state's controls on me, haven't left another choice.

Comrades should know that I am not allowed to leave a specific geographical area designated by the state, and that I have to physically report myself to authority every two weeks. Despite to these hard state repression measures, I don't understand why the state need to put undercover cops on my life. The circle of state control on my life is getting more and more tiny everyday, and today when I look at the spaces in my freedom of movement, there is no space left and I am in a prison. In addition in past a few months, even when there weren't undercover cops, I was getting stopped for no reason and getting searched by cops. In one of these events almost 4 months ago, after being stopped by cops in Wageningen, even the cops threatened me that *I have to apologize to them (for no reason), otherwise they will beat me immediately and arrest me*, in fact they just wanted to humiliate me. When such event happened, it seems the problem between me and the authority is more than a political issue, and they have personal hate about me. Comrades, I am tired of this situation, particularly when it seems as a person I am alone in such a conflict.

Today when I look at myself, I am just paying back for the things that happened in the past, I am paying back for what the state called it terrorism but I call it revolutionary activities; and I am paying back for the mistakes of an 19-20 or 21 years old person who had no idea how to behave right in his different connections with other members of the movement. And it seems I am going to payback for both, forever. I do not believe that this statement change anything, but it was politically important for me to speak up. And I decided to keep it as short as possible.

Abtin Parsa 16/1/2022

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