Freedom Fighters #12 - video and announce the next Freedom Fighters #13

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On 12-13.09 12th edition of Freedom Fighters league and muay thai seminar took place. It was to be held in June, but coronavirus pandemic forced us to postopne it, and as result it was part of Rozbrat squat XXVI birthday.

10 bouts were organised despite noone was 100% sure if all the event will happen to the last days. Hopefully we've made it. There were 6 K-1 match-ups, 2 lowkick, muay thai, boxing and MMA fight. There were both beginners and advanced, some of them decided not to wear headgear and in one bout, not to wear even shinpads, so the spectators could enjoy pro-show. More fights than last year ended up before the time – luckily there was only one serious injury – broken nose.

Next day a muay thai seminar with Marta Gusztab took place. She replaced Peter Irving that couldn't make it this year because of the pandemic restrictions. Marta focused of few aspects that could be utilized not only in muay thai – different distances, sharpening defence, working with different pace and seeking various attack areas.

To sum up, despite this year's obstacles, we managed to have the league. As usual, except guest from all over Poland, we had international friends here – from Germany and Czech rep. among others. Thank you, thanks judges and referee, medical help, our photographer (Piątaesencja) and video maker (Radosław Sto) - both works soon and thank you Marta Gusztab. See you in June!

Freedom Fighters #13:

13th Freedom Fighters league is taking place, we don't give up despite all
obstacles. Fights will take place on the outdoor ring like last years.

K-1 Rules
Muay Thai
BJJ (Gi, No-Gi)

Fighters are paired up according to experience with max 2 kg body weight
difference. For safety reasons we accept inquiries only from fighters with
at least 6 months experience. The fights to be held according to amateur
rules. If both fighters agree the fights can be held on unstandarized rules
- eg. heavier gloves, thicker/no shinguards/headgear, shrter or longer
distance, exclusion of specific techniques, no verdict.

Please send inquiry only when sure about arrival and include your actual
weight. We want to avoid weight cutting- health of participants is the most
important thing, so is being fair to your opponent. The organiser provides:
soft shinpads, 10 oz gloves, fight head protector ATTENTION: due to the
pandemic we reccomend the fighters to bring you r own gear set- it should
be in proper shape.

The fighter obliged to have: MMA gloves, elbow pads (Muay Thai), groin
guard, hand wraps, mouthguards.

Pro-am fights possible (no headgear, 3x3 min rounds)

Inquiries, info: Please provide exact info:

Time of practice, fight record

Nestor Ivanovych Makhno/Bat'ko
Poznań, Freedom Fighters Gym
K-1 Rules
3 years, 2-1-0 (K-1), 1-0-0 (MMA)
73,5 kg

On the second day of the event muay thai seminar with Peter Irving to be
held. Full time coach gaining experience on world class rings, cages and
mats. Working daily with athlets fighting for UFC, Bellator and Glory. Tax
50 pln (around 12e).

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