We are headed towards a one-world government.

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The following shows how domestically you can have a left-wing totalitarianism or right-wing totalitariansim and that both are compatible with the UN's One World Government and its new (although hidden) globally dominant ideology, neoliberal absolutism. I consider human rights truth as more important than any so-called national security,

The following shows how we are headed towards a one-world government.

What happened to Franklin Roosevelt’s non-discrimination on the grounds of one’s station in life?
This is described in FDR Second Bill of Rights Speech, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EZ5bx9AyI4 . It is equivalent to non-discrimination on the grounds of social class which I cannot find anywhere in America’s human rights law (it has also been excluded in New Zealand’s Bill of Rights Act 1990).
Domestically you can have a left wing totalitarianism or a right wing totalitarianism to achieve the United Nations agenda which my recent book (published in America in early 2017, see below) shows aims to globally crush human potential, creating backward societies, unable to challenge their leadership.
Even in a country like New Zealand which has virtually been completely taken over by left so-called liberals because I strongly believe the human rights truth is known it gives me hope.
My book deals very largely with left wing totalitarianism which I found impacted on many outside the establishment resulting in large numbers having their potential crushed with many resorting to drugs to cope with the phenomenal control inflicted while many resorted to criminality (in New Zealand’s case it led to the mass exodus of the ‘best and brightest’). In America I am sure you will find many of the best and brightest very largely intelligent, white males from a western culture (although not exclusively so) in the mental health and criminal just systems.
Affirmative action for so-called victims i.e. women, including feminists, blacks and Maori in New Zealand was used to exclude, in particular, intelligent, white males from a western culture. The latter resulted In a less than mediocre professional middleclass who regard themselves as a superior class while seeing those with different viewpoints as being of a lower station in life i.e. the deplorables.
My book shows that because of the enormous injustice inflicted on those at the bottom of the social scale affirmative action is justified, although not for professionals. For example, in my view, the blacks in Chicago should have been given the affirmative action not professionals. Women and blacks low on the social scale who would have suffered the most from historical discrimination, should have been given affirmative action rather than shooting each other or pressured in prostitution.
The major weapon of the left wing is social class discrimination which crushes human potential while the right wing use socio-economic discrimination concerned very largely with money e.g. user pays. Put simply while the left uses mind control the right uses money as a form of control.
Since my book was published I have tried to get Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders to inform people of my book without success. Although freedom of speech is in the American Constitution the book may have been suppressed because it is considered a matter of national security. The latter is because the UN agenda i.e. neoliberalism and globalization, has been determined by the great majority of States at the UN (in particular, America’s enemies) while the ethical approach to human rights I promote would eliminate both neoliberalism and globalization. Ethical human rights are firmly based on the universal human rights truth as in the UDHR. Because ethical human rights include all the human rights it would replace neoliberalism and globalization which require many human rights omissions despite the UN claiming the UDHR as its authority while the UN charter requires all States to uphold the UDHR. Neoliberalism and globalization benefit both left and right wing politics i.e. the swamp.
The human rights omissions in international human rights law can be visibly seen so are indisputable. So left liberals are based on human rights omissions which aim to destroy western culture and freedom and ultimately civilization itself. While left liberals have a right to their opinion, in my view, they have no right to discriminate on the grounds of social class. If they disagree with this then they should fight to change the UDHR.
Roosevelt’s second bill of rights may not have been accepted in America but it eventually found its way into the UDHR.
The human rights omissions e.g. the individual right to self-determination such as the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams (sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero) ensure the crushing of human potential. The human rights omissions are invariably reflected in national constitutions (in New Zealand the bill of rights) and promoted domestically by left liberals (who I regard as a death cult) for the benefit of themselves as well as right wing politics. People need to see that the left liberals are a social class who discriminate on the grounds of social class. While they promote, follow and benefit from the human rights omissions of the UN their bottom-line is class loyalty. They are collectivists who also dominate academia and the human rights establishment and it is very rare that any will break ranks. Libertarians (who exclude economic, social, and cultural rights so fail to protect against exploitation) can be seen as the right wing equivalent.
My book shows that individual self-determination requires both civil and political rights (akin to the American constitution) and economic, social and cultural rights (as promoted by Bernie Sanders). I promote ethical human rights which simply ensures that all people, at least, should have the core minimums of all the rights in the UDHR. It is a global requirement (political parties e.g. Bernie Sanders, can promote higher levels of human rights if it is considered for example that it is affordable).
In my book I propose that ethical human rights should be reflected in domestic and international human rights law and because it includes all the human rights in the UDHR it would include the human rights omissions and so eliminate both neoliberalism and globalization.
The elimination of social class discrimination would also eliminate the right wing’s socio-economic discrimination and remove the control of the swamp.
While the suppression of my book may be considered a matter of national security it was published in America and surely would not stop the young Bernie Bros, who would want to achieve their dreams and virtually all have computers, from informing the population of my book which would not only benefit Bernie Sanders, America but the whole world where many have their potential crushed. For example, while much has been done to reduce extreme poverty people are not permitted to think for themselves, pursue individual self-determination so are unable to help themselves. Because of the latter many countries e.g. in Africa, are reduced to begging others for help or, for example, muslim majority countries blaming the west for their problems. But essentially they are too afraid to challenge their own leadership who voted to exclude many human rights.
While under ethical human rights the prime duty of the State is to ensure their own people have ethical human rights there is also a global duty to help those States unable to ensure ethical human rights for their people. Many of those States are deliberately keeping their people backward and so unable to challenge authority. So the best way to help them is through education not war because they will simply blame America etc. for killing many people and justify a violent jihad.
The depression of the 1930’s led to Franklin Roosevelt proposing economic, social and cultural rights while the left (although aided and abetted by the right) totalitarianism of the past 30 years has led to Bernie Sanders promoting economic, social and cultural rights. The present pandemic could well lead to a recession even depression times when economic, social and cultural rights will be most needed. In my view, it is best to regard economic, social and cultural rights, which is an extension of ‘the reason’ of civil and political rights, as an enlightened welfare necessary if America wants to continue its famed innovative culture i.e. you cannot have freedom without food.
If Bernie Sanders does well in the election it will give America a greater democratic mandate to promote ethical human rights at the UN which will eliminate neoliberalism and globalization and save the world from becoming backward and being controlled by a one world government. My book shows how the UN created a new globally dominant ideology which I call neoliberals absolutism which will ensure people will not be able to think for themselves or even have a conscience of their own. I show how neoliberal absolutism resulted in a major rebalance of global economic and ideological power from the West to the Rest as well as being the real cause of the global financial crisis 2008. It excluded the core minimums of economic, social and cultural rights so there was no socio-economic bottom line to protect against exploitation. The latter allowed corporations to relocate to countries with cheap labour without fear that exploitation would be prohibited under international human rights law. The major beneficiaries were those countries such as China and other Asian counties able to exploit a vast work force. The global mainstream media, dominated by left so-called liberals failed to report these decisions at the UN.
Those countries which have tried to base growth on creativity rather than exploitation e.g. the EU, were by far the worst affected.
It is a great shame my book has been suppressed i.e. to my knowledge it is not in any American library. Even this Bernie Sanders website is a closed group and my posts are seen by no more than two or three people.
But if Bernie Sanders wants to tax the corporations far more he will have to ensure that they do not relocate elsewhere and take jobs away from Americans. So, in my view, it will be necessary to hold the UN to account for its human rights omissions and so save the world peacefully.
In my view, the human rights truth (which would enable global security) is more important than any claimed national security which very likely reflects the interests of the swamp – human-kind need their human rights. Although extreme poverty has been greatly reduced (which my book shows is due to a redistribution of wealth from the West to the Rest) it is not just enough to be given food but it is also necessary to be able to help oneself otherwise you create a global dependency ripe for a totalitarian takeover and compatible with the UN’s one world government agenda.
I am a human rights author (two books), activist and outsider (28 years) from Auckland, New Zealand. Apart from 14 months I have been on a state benefit since 1984 and wrote mu books as a deplorable. The last book which exposes what happened at the UN in 2008 and how those at the bottom of the social scale were viciously oppressed is called ‘Ethical Human Rights: Freedom’s Great Hope (American Academic Press, 2017). It is being sold by the publisher, Google Books and Amazon. There is one copy in New Zealand libraries.

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