Riseup: The Missing Dialogues

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[en] This file documents the missing dialogues in the Riseup management crisis. For at least a year now, the alternative email provider has been suffering ...

[en] This file documents the missing dialogues in the Riseup management crisis. For at least a year now, the alternative email provider has been suffering a variety of “Stockholm Syndrome” in its project management, in which hostages with broken hearts identify with their oppressors and deny that oppression in fact takes place. The crisis became evident when the translation collective collapsed over the handling of an external penetration issue resulting in data losses to email users, and Riseup management not only failed to close its loopholes, but partly fell to the abuse and lost its integrity by collaborating in it.

The Riseup help tickets documented here put the eye on fresh developments since the publication of the mid-winter chronology. Since then, software maintenance tasks have been delayed and various configuration damages occurred which in their entirety illustrate how some of the employees allowed themselves to be lured into the temptation of collaborating in government abuse despite of a foundational Riseup policy meant to prevent just that.

“Stockholm Syndrome” addicts tend to hide their fears of a threat in denial instead of letting them roll against it, and only later after it emerged into obviousness find themselves over the edge of common sense. Prevention can be achieved with a honest risk analysis facing the existential nature of threats without indulging in the triggering of fears, all the more so when they are real. Instead of possibly shaming SS victims, it is vital to encourage them to rise up and help themselves to roll back bad news with good decisions.

After all, an email provider has a responsibility for users, and in the best case also an ambition not to cave in to and get pawned by dirty threats. If Riseup is interested to be a vital tool for human emancipation from neoliberalism immune to nuclear accidents, military coups and pogroms, not the slightest tolerance for any of the abuses of the kind that have taken place is affordable.

(11195) In this anonymous dialogue, the indispensable complaint against the censorship of the user-related help tickets is filed, but met with half-baked agony by the hostages despite above seen evidence is offered to them.

(11154) In this dialogue, the complete tech proposal to repair Riseup from the aberrations is met by cultural ignorance, and as the cultural misunderstanding is cleared, by censorship.

(10685) In this dialogue, a complaint on a misconfiguration detail results in a pathological rant by a customer service employee helpless with handling standard anti-abuse measures. In the course of the meltdown the dimension of the failure is being revealed, and the hostage syndrome escalates into blatant revisionism. First aid had to be applied through a supervisor in order to help the victim direct its misguided ire into a sane direction. When SS victims approach boiling point, they finally become angry but have to learn anew where it is to be directed at.

For earlier developments see: https://bxl.indymedia.org/spip.php?article23463

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