Doelrapport over spionage terreur in Duitsland

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[nl(bot)] (SamenVatting en rapport in origineel Engels en Duits. Indien nodig u op eigen risico Nederlandse vertaalmiddelen naar eigen keuze toepassen.)

Target Report on Spying Terror in Germany

(Abstract and Report in original English and German. If necessary, please apply Dutch translation means of your own choice at your own risk.)

How does genocide look like before it becomes genocide? Answers to this question may be pivotal for its prevention. The larvae stadium of politically motivated mass murder can be seen in the terror of intelligence agencies against individuals, who could make significant differences, if constitutions were worth the paper they are written upon. This cancer upon the republican form of state, if not removed in time, under unfortunate circumstances metastasises into an all-dominating manipulation, which finally murders entire populations.

The Nazis in Germany and the role of the centrepieces of their later government in the 1920s may serve as an example. The executives of Hitler´s genocide one or two decades earlier were busy strangling any informed dissent, and when they had failed to assimilate it by threatening it with death, they still had the capabilities they had achieved from trying to do so, and employed them for no purpose other than death. Reports how current-day terror of spy bureaucracies works against their targets therefore can help to prevent genocide by neutralising its willing executioners before it is too late to make a difference. Finally, a constitution only is worth anything when its promises of non-intervention and non-observation are unconditionally kept by any government bureaucracy, even when they are inconvenient for its elected and unelected officials. Any exception to this will only spiral into a feedback of terror, not so much by the above mentioned but by frustrated bystanders losing their nerves because they do not understand. And for the moral and principled opponent of the abuse it is important as an answer to the consideration where such phenomena are headed, in order to develop sane estimations of appropriate means against them. This in the supplement to the report published about two months ago which became necessary since the terror against its author failed to cease with its publication.

All the reports are in German since they were addressed to a national memorial site on the issue; if necessary please choose a translation bot to reach across any language gaps.

First Edition Preface (Yet Without Supplementary Report – Jan 11, 2019)

This file documents the exchange with admins of the central memorial site against political persecution in Eastern Germany on current political persecution in the central European country. For administrative reasons, no distinction is being made between various agencies of the national intelligence conglomerate (fragmentation rate worse than Syria). The profile of the attack follows a national security council policy of hiding economic dependency on arms exports into massacres behind car industry lobbying. The pattern of the attack follows that of domestic violence: Once the second most important thing in life is violently pushed ahead, violence itself becomes the most important thing there and perps get stuck on it. At different levels of consciousness, significant sectors of the befallen society emulate what their abusers inflict upon them. The topology of the attack follows that of a reactor meltdown, in which contamination is spreading to materials outside the reactor clod and its broken case.

Evaluation: Apparently, bnd was not aware that despite of suffering from failed neoliberalist policies, national railway can still certify bureaucratic footprints in its timetable like any other government authority, because it needs to be capable to do so in administrative interaction every day in order to survive the effects neoliberalism. Dumbfuck rapists.


PDF Files:

1. BND-Terror Report
2. BND-Terror Evidence
3. BND-Terror Supplementary Report


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File: BND-Terror Bericht.pdf
File: BND-Terror Beweismittel.pdf
File: BND-Terror Nachbericht.pdf

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