Sacred book suppressed but there is still a choice.

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Because I believe God was involved, I regard my books as sacred. But my last book is being suppressed. I show how the UN omitted the creative rights, the magic, in my view, which led to the dominance of the West. Now I consider the creative rights are omitted for all States. For example, domestically it can lead to the purging of the best and brightest.

Sacred book suppressed but there is still a choice.

Anthony Ravlich MA, BSc, Dip Crim (Hons)
Human rights author (two books), activist, outsider (26yrs),
Human Rights Council (New Zealand)
10D/15 City Rd.,
Auckland City.

My book shows that humanity is meant to be ruled by universal human rights truth as in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which the United Nations claims as its authority. Under the United Nations Charter, all States are meant to uphold the Universal Declaration.

However, the great majority of States have omitted what can be called the creative rights (see below) from international human rights law but have hidden this fact from humanity. This portends a world without the creative force (which, in my view, originates with God) leaving the world devoid of much creativity and intellect, including genius.
It was this creative force which I consider led to the dominance of western civilization but now almost all States are to be reduced to less than mediocrity.

My book, which because of God’s involvement I regard as sacred while selling on Amazon and Google Books certainly appears to be suppressed within countries e.g. the libraries, including New Zealand despite my being a New Zealand author.

My second book, 'Ethical Human Rights: Freedom's Great Hope' (American Academic Press, 2017). Ebook link provided by my publishers:

After writing two books on ethical human rights which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and which unlike neoliberalism has no omissions, academia and the human rights establishment, with the rare exception, seem far too afraid to discuss it.

Because I believe I could not have written my books without God’s involvement, particularly as I was in poverty and worse throughout, I regard the books as sacred. I believe God did defend New Zealand – the appeal in the national anthem – but people are given a choice.

The truth I discovered is the United Nation’s omission of largely the creative rights which, in my view, led to the dominance of western culture. This truth is based on fact, not opinion, and can be verified by comparing the Universal Declaration and international human rights law, which is meant to reflect the former and viewing the omissions.
I also discovered an ethical approach to human rights, which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration, which can replace the ideology i.e. neoliberalism and neoliberal absolutism, resulting from the omission of the creative rights.


After 26 years of seeking the human rights truth for what I observed as enormous social problems I very strongly believe I found it. It is fact, not opinion, and is also verifiable.

I discovered gross human rights malpractice at the United Nations, human rights omissions, which are reflected in nearly all national constitutions (in New Zealand, the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990) and driven by the fake liberals, really a social class i.e. collectivists (in the US, within the Democrats, in New Zealand, within the Labour Party).
People often follow the money which usually leads them to blame the one per cent of wealthy for social problems but I consider if they followed the truth they would discover that the cause of the social problems stem from the ‘rules of the game’ i.e. neoliberalism (and more recently neoliberal absolutism) and globalization created at the United Nations.

I found the aim of the UN agenda is to eradicate global freedom which also means western civilization. My book focuses on how the latter is achieved by ideology (the latter is not universal and omits largely the creative rights) which aims to eradicate the creative force – the magic – which, in my view, led to the dominance of western culture.
The latter would leave totalitarian, repressive States and tribal cultures dominating the world and without the creative, the best and brightest and genius it would surely leave humanity in enormous jeopardy, vulnerable to any global crisis which may strike.

My article, ‘Globalization: Hope on the horizon despite the fake liberals’, which is cited at the end with important support, shows how globalization seeks a similar end to the neoliberal ideology.

I discovered UN decisions of enormous importance have been hidden from humanity by the fake mainstream media such as the creation of what I regard as an ‘evil’ neoliberal absolutism, seemingly for a one world government. I show how neoliberal absolutism led to a major rebalance of ideological and economic power from the West to the Rest which was the real cause of the global financial crisis, 2008.

In New Zealand, many professionals, women, feminists in particular, and tribal Maori are used by the fake liberals to assist in the destruction of western culture and freedom, usually by targeting and purging the country of intelligent, white, males from a western culture. In New Zealand, those who did not join the mass exodus overseas often ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems even the underclass.

These professionals can rarely be challenged because invariably they hide in elite circles and certainly seem to lack the intellect and character, I consider due very largely to collectivism, to engage in any public debate. In my experience, because they have the power truth to them is very largely irrelevant.

Rather they are obsessed with image, ‘looking good’ and will use ‘low cunning and gross deceit’ to achieve their ends.

I also discovered ethical human rights, which is firmly based on the Universal Declaration, which would eliminate ideology and provide a much more ‘common-sense’ globalization.
Ethical human rights provide a far more realistic and principled alternative to a one world government. Ethical human rights have no human rights omissions and consequently, the creative rights are included which, in my view, could very well save western civilization and global freedom in the end.

The book describes how governments have deliberately kept their populations backwards and lacking the ability to hold their leadership to account resulting in severely divided societies worldwide. For example, in America, unlike almost everywhere else, it is reported that there are now more employment opportunities than people seeking work. America is exposing the less than mediocre governments, such as New Zealand’s, who have deliberately kept their populations backwards by severely crushing potential leading to the rise of such mediocrity.

Donald Trump is attempting to counter the swamp which believes in neoliberalism and/or globalization while the leadership of the rest of the western world appears to be dominated by the swamp.

In the New Zealand chapter, I describe how New Zealand’s best and brightest were purged using the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 almost surely to ensure no challenge to government policies. Those who did not join the mass exodus overseas often ended up in the mental health and criminal justice systems as well as the underclass. I hold the leadership, Sir Geoffrey Palmer (Prime Minister at the time) and Helen Clark (Deputy Prime Minister at the time), to account. I describe their low cunning and gross deceit.

In the chapter on Bangladesh I describe how on 10 Dec 2008 the United Nations extended the domain of secularism to cover the whole Universal Declaration which, soon after, the Awami League government of Bangladesh followed by implementing a secular plan for the country. The latter certainly appears to have resulted in an enormous outburst of violence by Muslims who are anti-secular. This violence is ongoing with a number of journalists and bloggers, often atheists and homosexuals, killed with machetes. The question is, to what extent did the UN’s extension of the domain of secularism have on increasing global terrorism.

Ethical human rights protect against extreme violence and extreme poverty. If ethical human rights is adopted by the United Nations and/or the European Union it would allow States considerable sovereignty as higher levels of human rights would be determined by States most likely using the democratic process. In my view, it would provide a better alternative to Brexit and could very likely save the EU from further States choosing to exit the EU.

However, it would very likely be opposed by what in America is called the swamp because it would replace neoliberalism by universal human rights truth and replace globalization with a more common-sense globalization.

As in Donald Trump's America sovereignty is prioritized by ethical human rights. The primary duty of the State is to ensure the ethical human rights of their own people and, where possible, there is a global duty to help other countries ensure ethical human rights for their people i.e. a common-sense globalization.

My view of Maori tribalism [which believes in God]: contrary to much popular opinion, in my view, it is not so much money or land that Maori seek but rather the dominance of their tribal beliefs. For example, my book shows how the Maori elite want the ‘tribal’ Treaty of Waitangi included in a New Zealand Constitution [i.e. a written constitution].

The latter collectivism (which means the individual does not count rather it is the tribe which matters) would undermine such traditional Western individual rights as individual self-determination i.e. the seeking of truth, hopes and dreams sometimes depicted by the iconic American superhero. The latter would be replaced by collective (tribal) self-determination.

Also, I consider individual freedom of thought, conscience and expression would be replaced by collective thought, collective conscience and collective expression. The latter traditional western values are listed in detail in chapter one of my book. Such traditional Western values can be called the creative rights which, in my view, were the major reason Western civilization became dominant.

[Further to the above the UN’s omission of the core minimum economic, social and cultural rights which would enable a socio-economic bottom-line and protect against exploitation has resulted in growth based on creativity being replaced by growth based on exploitation. The latter is to the advantage of those countries, with a vast cheap workforce to exploit e.g. China and Bangladesh, but to the detriment of the more creative West].

Maori tribalism is similar to Islam which often seems to want to replace Western culture with an Islamic caliphate. In my view, in other Western countries, the fake liberals also promote Islam (with its baggage of Islamic terrorism) to undermine western culture. Only about one per cent of New Zealand’s population is Muslim while Maori make up about 15 per cent of the population.

While in New Zealand the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act 1990 is often cited as protecting freedom of speech because the fake liberals control the mainstream media such freedom of speech, in my experience, is often overridden by the fake liberals. While many people are using the internet as their source of information and means of a voice, in my experience, if it does not get into the mainstream media which can influence the democratic majority little can be achieved – you are often a voice in the wilderness.

People, in my experience, have an enormous fear of speaking out even on the internet.
In my view, collectivism (tribalism) maintains the status quo and the dominance of prevailing elites. And with virtually all thinking much the same there is little progress. For example, in Auckland, New Zealand’s largest city, where I come from and is a city with the highest percentage of the Maori population I see no Maori in the central business district who owns a small business which requires individual self-determination.

Maori, although not all, share this collectivist (tribal) belief with the dominant elite, left so-called liberals (within the Labour Party in NZ, and Democrats in America) who I call fake liberals because I show in my book they are really a social class i.e. collectivists, who discriminate on the grounds of social class, for example, the creation of underclasses.

While the bottom-line of the fake liberals is class loyalty they promote Maori tribalism to undermine the above individual (creative) rights of the west and as my book shows this follows the UN agenda (such as neoliberalism and globalization) which seeks a decline in western civilization and global freedom [see my recent article cited at the end of this article, ‘Globalization: Hope on the horizon despite the fake liberals’, which received important support on the Public Diplomacy and Diplomatic Academy].

Also, in my experience, the fake liberals use Maori, who often regard themselves as warriors, to instil fear which, in my view, adds to what I see as the enormous fear people have of speaking out.

In my view, the fake liberals seek virtual absolute control over the population. Consequently, they are like-minded with many totalitarian States and repressive cultures such as Maori tribalism.

However, whereas the fake liberals are secular the Maori tribalism has a belief in God which is why I describe the Maori tribalism as a repressive culture rather than totalitarian such as North Korea or China who do not believe in God. As my chapter on Bangladesh, with a by far predominant Muslim population, shows the dominant elite can use secularism to oppress the Muslim population. Similarly, the fake liberals in New Zealand can also use secularism, if they choose, to oppress the Maori who, for example, typically introduce numerous functions and ceremonies with the Maori prayers.

I consider it would come as a shock to many tribal Maori that by aligning themselves with the fake liberals they are aligning themselves with ‘evil’ (see below). In my view, the Maori need to ask themselves where does the creative force come from? (in my [personal] view, God).

My book describes the creation of an ‘evil’ ideology, which I call neoliberal absolutism, seemingly for a one world government, at the United Nations on the 10 Dec 2008. In my experience (see my book), people would not be able to think for themselves or have a conscience of their own which I consider to be ‘evil’. While the creation of neoliberal absolutism would be largely inconsequential for the fake liberals who are secular. In my book, I describe the fake liberals, who also dominate the UN and EU bureaucracies, as profoundly arrogant because of their involvement in corrupting the universal human rights truth in the Universal Declaration and virtually seeing themselves as god. The creation of neoliberal absolutism has been hidden from humanity by the fake global mainstream media.

Neoliberal absolutism was created by giving equal status to the two sets of rights which the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is composed of. While certainly the previous dominance of civil and political rights (similar to the American constitution which America still follows) would have given western civilization a considerable advantage the creation of neoliberal absolutism with the omission of the above creative rights keeps populations backwards, often unable to hold leadership to account and with human rights omissions resulting in divided societies worldwide which I consider cannot be justified.
The major purpose of the creation of the Universal Declaration following the world war 2 was to protect humanity from totalitarianism but neoliberal absolutism does virtually the complete opposite promoting the rise to global dominance of totalitarian and repressive States. In my book, I show how totalitarian and repressive States have risen at the UN to virtually control the UN Human Rights agenda.

I consider neoliberal absolutism seeks to complete the task of eliminating western civilization and global freedom which began with neoliberalism.

My book shows that the major beneficiaries of the promotion of Maori tribalism e.g. the Treaty of Waitangi, has been the Maori elite because Maori tribalism has many social outcasts who can live life as beggars on the streets. These Maori outcasts, while seeming to retain a belief in tribalism, will invariably state that they receive no share in the enormous compensation payments governments have paid to address Maori grievances.
My book shows that an ethical bill of rights would enable the poor to have a voice of their own in the mainstream media so they can influence the democratic majority. At present, in my very long experience, such voices are suppressed by the fake liberals who control the mainstream media. But if an ethical bill of rights is adopted Maori outcasts could have a voice in the public domain enabling them to get a share in the compensation payments.

While Maori have a right to their belief in tribalism under ethical human rights they have no right to violate the ethical human rights of others and where they do they themselves should be liable to pay compensation. For example, Maori makeup about 50 per cent of the prison population [but makeup about 15 per cent of the population].

The views I have expressed above would be a major reason why my last book, although selling on Amazon and Google Books, has been suppressed within countries, including New Zealand.

In my view, there is a need for complete human rights transparency as many elites and human rights organizations are promoting the corrupted version of the Universal Declaration rather than the Universal Declaration with no human rights omissions such as the creative rights. In my view, the former should not be supported.

‘Globalization: Hope on the Horizon despite the fake liberals’, Ireland Indymedia,

[Despite, from my experience, enormous fear of speaking out] I received fifteen likes for my article on globalization from Public Diplomacy and Diplomatic Academy on linkedin. I recently received influential support from Marek Chojnacki, presently independent researcher but previously Counsellor, Embassy of Poland in Paris, Director Polish Cultural Institution, who commented on the article stating: "I strongly agree"; also, a Like was given by Liman Avdiu, PhD, International Political Relations, Macedonia, Visiting Professor State University of Tetova, Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia. While, George Bekatoros, Research Fellow, Donau-Universitat Krems, Greece, viewed my profile.
Other supportive Likes came from Dr Halide Koca, Koordinator, Girne American University, Michael Jouanneau, international ambassador (Europe) at We Make Change, Cesario M.Da Silva Amaral, Human Rights Defender from Human Rights Defenders Timor-Leste, Dr.-lng.L.H., Group Member Airbus Thailand, Elisa DaSi, Counsellor at Timor-Leste Embassy in Thailand and Deputy Permanent Representative to UNESCAP. Marie Michele R., Director Profit Center / specialist in institutional and private communication, Peter Mmbando, SDGs Champion, Community Development, at AfriYAN, Tanzania, ThIvanisa Martins, Full Member at Psychoanalysis Society Iray Doyle, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Vipin Yadav, MA in political science and international studies, Delhi, India, Natasha Mitrevska, National Political Officer at OSCE, Macedonia, Gurdeep Sohal, Consultant at Self-employed, Money Press News, UK, Abdelmajid Lamsiah, Professional at OFPPT, Fes, Fes-Boulemane, Morocco, Sadri Hodaj, Manager at NTP, "American Dream Kosova", Albania, Schida, Confidential Consultant, Algeria (there was a further like from the International Bar Association, Fernando Chavez, Legal Director and Board Member at Provident Mexico).

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