Report from the Climate Justice Action gathering, Amsterdam 18/20 March

Nieuws, gepost door: Climate Justice Action network op 21/03/2016 03:08:01

Waar: Dokhuis, Plantage Doklaan 8-12, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Wanneer: 21/03/2016 - 13:32

Over the weekend over 70 people, from 10 countries, and from 25 different groups and struggles were hosted in Amsterdam in a beautiful art activist space, fed amazing vegan food, and generally enjoyed each other's company. We also had important meetings. Full minutes will follow. But we wanted to send this short note now to share the positive vibes and to summarize the outcomes.

Fundamentally we all want to continue to stay connected as a network, to share, learn and mobilize together. The Climate Justice Action Network (CJA) was useful in 2015, but there are lots of things that need to develop and improve.

To do that we have set up some working groups looking at:

• Communication channels, including website
• Creating opportunities on and offline for sharing skills, knowledge and experiences
• Diversity and outreach to other struggles and groups
• Process, organization and facilitation
• Taking forward a conversation about clarifying the identifying principles and values of CJA
• Taking forward a conversation about whether CJA itself should call for actions

The working groups will each introduce themselves to this list, including how others can get involved.

We also discussed actions. There are many actions being planned across the region. Some of the actions discussed have an international call for mobilization, for example Ende Gelende in East Germany in May, the COP 22 in Morocco in November, and the TTIP Games in Belgium around the EU in November.

We plan to meet again in the summer after we have had time to recover from Breakfree! and a call out will be sent nearer the time. In the mean time please use this list to share information about your plans and projects.

Please distribute this email to your groups. If someone wants to join the CJA email list they should email

Find at the end of this email a list of the groups and struggles that attended, and after that is a list of upcoming events.
• ECOAR - Spain
• Coalition COP 22- Morroco / North Africa
• Fossil Free Netherlands
• ça prend des racine - France
• Global Forest Coalition - international
• Climaximo - Portugal
• AusgeCO2hlt - Germany
• Ende Gelande - Germany
• Aseed - Netherlands
• Attac - Germany / France
• Diffraction - France
• TTIP Games - Belgium
• Reclaim the Power - UK
• Yuva Association - Turkey
• 350 - Belgium
• 350- Barcelona
• 350- Europe
• Groen Front - Netherlands
• Beats against coal - Netherlands
• Envol Vert - International/ S America
• Velorution - France
• Laboratory of insurrectionary imagination - France/UK
• Northern Forest Defense - Turkey
• Geneva project - Switzerland
• The ZAD of NDDL, welcome space project - France
• Fossil Free Culture - Netherlands

Dates in Spring 2016:

April 4-5, Action Camp Pau - France

April 30 - May 4, Reclaim the Power, End Coal Now action camp - South Wales

May 9-16 Climate Camp, Lustatia - Germany

May 13- 16 Ende Gelände! - Germany


Rockefellers Threaten Funding of Environmental NGOs to Stop Anti-Capitalist Momentum
In an effort to roll back gains made by anti-capitalists inside of the environmental movement the Rockefeller family is threatening to decrease funds provided to groups like, the Sierra Club and more.

“It is very important to the Rockefeller Fund that communists and anarchists are kept out of our legitimate environmental movement,” said a spokesperson for the Rockefeller Foundation. “We are becoming increasingly concerned that low-level organizers in groups that we’ve given money to are not getting the message. We’re not paying you to lead a revolution. Your job is to promote capitalism as the response.”

Board member of and writer Naomi Klein released a statement acknowledging the Rockefeller’s concerns and stated “I wrote a book with a subtitle of ‘Capitalism vs the Climate’ and then ended it by saying we should keep capitalism. Not trying to rock the boat too much over here.”

The night of the announcement Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune was arrested in Washington DC for public intoxication and “indecency” when he arrived at the White House naked with a bottle of whisky. Cops on duty outside the White House stated Brune was rambling about “reptilian overlords” and begged the police officers to arrest him to keep him safe.

Writers at the anarchist-leaning Earth First! Journal released an editorial calling on a boycott of environmental NGO jobs but early signs point to most Earth First!ers keeping their jobs at NGOs.

“I won’t be happy until Bill McKibben locks himself to a fellerbuncher,” said an earth First!er using the forest name ‘Bird Shit’. “That’s how you take down capitalism.”

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