The Nazi Esotericist Ivan Voynikov

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The Nazi Esotericist Ivan Wojnikow

National Socialism and occultism has always been a dangerous combination, not only in the 20's and 30's of the last century but also today, therefore it is important not to lose sight of the actors in this brown-esoteric mixed scene

A man named Ivan Wojnikow has been living in Leipzig for a long time. Wojnikow was first seen offering products of his Masonic Art-Shop at various neo-pagan and dark wave events. However, his attitude did not attract attention. That changed with the exposure of the Hannibal network in 2017, as one group that worked with the network was Uniter e.V., one of the founders of the first Uniter e.V. was Ivan Wojnikow. Wojnikow founded Uniter e.V. together with Andre Hannibal Schmidt. Ostensible goals were networking of security forces of different agencies, mediation of insurance and reintegration of Afghanistan veterans into civil society, but it was about something else. Uniter e.V. recruited activists for the Hannibal network among its members. Wojnikow was one of them, but because of disagreements Uniter e.V. was dissolved, only to be re-established later under a different personage. Wojnikow and Andre Schmidt remained friends even after the dissolution of Uniter e.V.. Schmidt was involved in recruiting new activists for the Hannibal Network. The recruitments took place among police officials, in Bundeswehr veterans' liaisons, neo-Rightist structures, and Masonic lodges. Ivan Wojnikow is a high-grade Freemason of the Leipzig Minerva Lodge. Wojnikow did everything to act as discreetly as possible, the tactic succeeded for a time, however, his name became known when the Hannibal network was uncovered. Since people thought at the time that he would play only an insignificant supporting role, he soon disappeared from the research. However, Wojnikow is not only active in the extreme right-wing sector and in Masonic lodges, he is also active in the occultism sector. For a short period of time he was a member of the mystical association O.T.O.. In the O.T.O., Voynikov achieved only a low degree, which was due to the fact that his membership ended suddenly in 2019. This was due to his insincere behavior towards other O.T.O. members, namely he tried to involve other people in shady deals, his right-wing extremism and his work as a porn producer. This porn is hard SM. There is a video in which he puts a plastic bag over the head of a tied, naked woman and beats the woman. Wojnikow also runs in celebrity circles, for example Wolfgang Bahro ("Gerner" from Gute Zeiten Schlechte Zeiten) is his friend. Another sideline are his appearances as a speaker for ethics and he also gives first aid lessons to children. Since his actions in the field of SM are little known and dismissed by some as a small fetish, we have decided to publish uncensored material about him (trigger warning). The video testifies to the deepest contempt for humanity, hatred against women and extreme sadism. We are sorry to have to come up with this material, but it is important to show the full range of Wojnikow's perverted and misogynistic behavior. Let page load for a long time. Compare the voice from the video with Wojnikow's voice in his You Tube videos, it is identical.

Despite everything, Wojnikow is a small fish, but because of his brown esotericism and connections to the hardcore SM sector, it is important to document his activities.


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For what it's worth: German indymedia removed the article.
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